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About Plexus Finance


Your funding challenge is something we delight in solving. We focus on providing private money quickly for business purposes.

We specialize in innovative funding solutions including private and short term funding. Our lateral approach involves a determination to get the deal done and you have our commitment that our group of skilled and experienced professionals will work with you to achieve the best outcome possible

Funding available

Our network is looking to assist with a variety of short and long term private funding requirements.

Developer Projects

Business Scaling

Short Term Cashflow

Cover Payroll Gap

Project Completion Loan

Equipment Purchases

Bridging Finance

Stock Purchase

Advance On Unconditional Contracts

David Gifford 


David has a broad business background in farming, food manufacturing, distribution and marketing. In addition he had been investing in property for 20 years and has funded over 100 properties of his own. He knows what it’s like to be under financial deadlines and knows how to work solutions through to achieve the best for all.

Private funding can enable a prompt solution to a need for funds that isn’t generally available through the traditional banks. We are all about private lending , business to business. All funding we do has to be for business purposes.



Daniel Brimblecombe

Marketing Coordinator